For anyone who has not given in their money yet it is far too late, you had more than enough time to hand it in.

the meeting is postponed to Wednesday everyone, we will be discussing assigned countries and topics. 

who else can’t wait for the trip????


GREAT PIZZA HERE GUYS!! IF YOU’RE CRAVING ITALIAN DRIVE OVER! they’re open 8-11 24/7! Click the pic to go straight to the Facebook page for more information ! The food is to die for!

address:180 Route 59Spring ValleyNY

phone number:(845) 578-1702

For those of you who are still unaware, the trip is from March 21-24, that is the week after the show for you drama kids ;)

we have received a lot of notices from you guys saying that your parents had further questions about the trip and that they did not know who to contact to receive the information, we advise you now to check your emails where we have a list of contact numbers for those who’s guardians need a little extra info. If you did not receive your email please inbox us.

If you did not hand in your liability form today you will not be allowed to go on the trip, we have two people who did not hand theirs in, you may speak to our adviser if a serious issue arose that prevented you from handing it in.


The meeting has been postponed to Thursday everyone! If you cant make it please contact us!